CFE-Pistol powder


Picked up 2 pounds of it to try and it meters well in 9mm loads.
Made up 3 batches of 250 rounds each of Berry 124 RN & 124 FP And HSM 124 RN.
Shot all but around 100 rounds and those were loaded into mags.
IMHO accuracy’s good left chambers clean in the Glock’s but 9mmAR was dirty as hell . Will try this in 357sig next !


IMO, the powder is wrong for the longer barrel and that’s why it’s so dirty. The burn rate is likely to fast. You want your burn rate to match the barrel length. Too fast, dirty barrel, too slow, big fire ball.


Make sense with the burn rate and the long barrel .


I tried CFE Pistol with .38 Special and it burned very clean. However, the muzzle velocities were rather inconsistent. CFE is a dense spherical powder, so it leaves a lot of empty space in the tall .38 cartridge.


I use it in 9mm and 380acp, works very well in both!


I’m a flake guy myself. :thinking:


Spherical really meters well in my powder dispenser, no crunch as flakes cut cut…


nothing wrong with " big fire ball " - why I shoot Toks.


People call me flaky and dense sometimes. :laughing: