Change out ejection port door, how hard can it be?


So I’ve seen videos on how to install one but what about replacing one? I left the one on from my parts kit but I need to go ahead and put on my custom one. Any tips from those of you who are AR building expects? I hear dealing with this thing is the biggest pain in the ass?


It can be a bit of a pain. Remove the tiny E clip and push the bar back out. Watch the spring. Pull it back about 2/3, just enough to remove the old one. Then put the new one on. Now start working the bar back in to about half. Now work the spring in and give it a twist and hold in place. This is the hardest part. Now work the bar back in until you reach the end of the door. Line up the hole and push it through. Now for the fun part, put the E clip back.


Thanks TR. Needle nose pliers I know I’ll need, any other tools that I need?


Something small to pull the E clip. Be careful, they have wings and are expert hiders.


Uh oh. Sounds intimidating to an AR noob…me.


These were for a fundraiser at a Boys shooting camp in Texas.

Tools…masking tape and a needle nose pliers maybe a brass punch smiths hammer.
A little help from Youtube ?


This can be a big pain in the ass, I installed a noveske one on one of my old AR15s.




Where did you get that lower? Ive been looking for a 3%er lower.


Any of you guys remember when these ejection port covers were popular a few years back? Crazy firearm fashion trends. Noveske is a weird company, I had some of their flaming pig swag though.


Adams arms. But they ran in to trade mark problems and had to stop making them. I got one of the very few made before they were told to stop.


Isnt that ejection port door made by Noveske?


No idea, I don’t even remember where I got it.


There are a couple of shops that custom make these covers.
I looked at Youtube last night they advertise them there. “install video on link”


Forceps. We have one of most sizes and styles.
Invaluable tool IMHO