Channel "Reception" on Ancient Equipment

I have been watching several of the channels on here for years on YouTube, but my antiquated desktop running on XP is increasingly unable to cope with the larger amounts of data now being “transmitted”. My far more modern smartphone, iPad and laptop have no problems at all but my poor old desktop often freezes and distorts too often to use.

This channel however works very well on my old desktop. No idea why - I’m not a techie - but I can watch videos on here that I had to stop watching some time ago on YouTube.

Anyone else had this experience and/or know why it happens?


Youtube uses different driver updates that are to updated for XP. Windows stopped updates for XP, Vista & Windows 7 after 10 came out. I would just upgrade the desktop. New one or just build you own with parts from


I’m hoping to be forced to use my new laptop at some point. It was bought as my desktop replacement and I’m just not looking forward to stopping using a pc I have used for eleven years. My local IT guru has upgraded it as far as he can so I’m just going to have to grasp the nettle soon. I will miss it when it goes but go it must soon.

Many thanks for your very good advice.