Charter Arms Pitbull 9mm

HI All, I’m looking to buy a small revolver, because of cost and availability of ammo I’d like to stick with a 9mm. When I first started looking it was the Ruger LCR but I don’t want to mess with moon clips, so now I thinking the Pitbull 9 that doesn’t use clips. If you own one or shot one I’d like your opinion. I know this isn’t a range gun but I’m still going to be shooting it so I want to keep the cost down and my other guns are all 9mm. Thanks

Well there is something to said for having a little bit of ammo diversity in one’s battery. Unlikely, but what if 9mm isn’t available in a given situation. .38 Special is a common as any other pistol ammo in most cases, and pretty cheap mostly. I say this as a lead in to this.
The Charter Arms 38 special revolvers at around $300 are pretty tough to beat. I bought one of the Tiger Stripe models from RSR a few months ago. Super pistol for the money. No, it isn’t my S&W Airweight, but if it ends up spending a year or two in a Police evidence locker, no big deal. Great shooting little pistol, and CA has been around for a good while, even amidst the ownership changes etc. I can pretty much buy any firearms I want and as a rule do not buy guns that do not past muster for durability and reliability. I would simply suggest rethinking your desire to stick to only ONE caliber/cartridge.

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Korth makes a 9 mm revolver that does not use/need moon clips. Only problem, the gun is pricey. But, the quality is supposed to be top notch. They make it with the choice of a 2 inch barrel or a 3 inch barrel.

Honestly, though, I agree with redbaron8 - limiting yourself to 1 caliber is not a good idea. You could have a revolver in .38 special (or .357 magnum), and then a semiautomatic in 9 mm. That would be a good combo and solves the problem of finding a gun to match your caliber.

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