"Chasing The 44-40"

Howdy Guys!!

Thanks for allowing me to post my videos here. I have been in the process of posting a series of video’s about shooting the 44-40 at different ranges with a scope. I would like to hear some feedback on what I need to do to make my videos better for those that have an interest in this cartridge.

Currently I am having issues with the MP4 format that is causing my videos to stutter. For a few reasons I have cut them very short, hopefully I can figure out how to make some decent videos. This stuff is NOT easy :wink:


lol, thats a good chuckle, maybe you should maintain that on all your videos :grin:


My problem is that when I save them from the Videopad editor as an MP4, I get the stutters, glitches or whatever it’s called. I may have found a “fix” for my MP4 problem. I edit the videos on Videopad editor then save as .wmv. I publish them to youtube as .wmv, THEN redownload them back to the computer from youtube as MP4. Problem solved so far. It may take some time to do this with all of the videos. If this looks like a good fix, I can start making longer, better videos.


I use this


its free, not perfect but may help


Thanks Robert. I will get that downloaded and play with it with future videos. I am preparing for an 11 video power dump to my channel. Hopefully I can narrow down a presentation format, that most folks will enjoy, with good feedback from the viewers. I know most may not have an interest in the 44-40 cartridge, but hopefully they can help with the layout.


I may have done something wrong, Full30 wont let me load anymore videos so I will wait and tray later…maybe I broke something!!!



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It works again. Apparently I had one video that would not load. When I deleted the load process, then I could upload more.


Thanks again for the help. I think my channel is now, at least “presentable”. There are a few things I can’t figure out like the banner and avatar but those may be features not available for me as a non-subscription. Can’t thank you enough!!


I thought about adding this video intro the future videos…your thoughts?

PS: I am running low on “toilet paper rolls for editing” my posts