Chatbots' are already tricking...imbeciles



About sums it up

Microsoft’s Tay chatbot went rogue on Twitter last year, spouting racist and extremist views like “Hitler was right I hate the jews,

No friends? No worry chat with ZO

When this gets amplified on a level of millions of people conducting searches each day, it brings the negative news to the forefront. People are drawn to the shocking news, it gets traction, more people search for it and then it reaches more people than it should have.

In the battle against fake news, the bots may be winning

This bot expertly baits Internet imbeciles into losing arguments

Intelligent machines that can pass for humans have long been dreamed of, but as Chris Baraniuk argues, they’re already among us.

How Bad Bots Are Destroying The Internet

Social bot


Its Skynet, too bad Arnie dosnt believe in guns.


Bye bye bot. we wont miss you.


Maybe Skynet should introduce itself in special thread :rofl:


Now you see why you were voted the unofficial bot buster in the Lounge.

My guess is no one else among us can track them down and deal with them better than you.

Good luck!


Its a war.

Our recent bot Noel Blakley is one of many I believe already parked amongst us

the TLD .io is British Indian Ocean Territory

Sounds a lot like the East India Company, British

If you don’t know that history then study the F up is registered to a German developer



If we don’t get a mod or admin to show up and actually start doing stuff, the bots will take over. I’m at a loss as to what to do anymore. I’ve tried reaching out here, from the web site, and facebook. No reply. Twitter is a lost cause because no one has been there in 3 years.


right now all we can do is self police and maintain the freedom we have, and we knew who we can trust- except I am pretty sure Robert is a bot.
Just waiting for Lord of the Flies to take over.


Roberta is John Connor.



Good song. I got a feeling the next civil war will be less Yankee vs Southron and more Organic vs synthetic.


UGE forums you say? :wink:


Can’t put this AI Genie back in the bottle,


I bet it could be a good excuse to require everyone has one of these to get online



Its all in the works people

A total of 318 lawmakers rejected the talks, while 278 voted in favour and 21 abstained. A further vote on the law will be delayed until September 10.


Thank god Trump wont support this shit. The EU can fuck off. Those countries over there whine about Russia all the time but their masters at the EU are the real problem.



Well that sucks. I miss rotary phones.


What will the future tell us about microwave radiation?

Welcome to the test lab and you are the subject of a corporatism experiment whether you like it or not.

Bring on 5g technology!


If you have the time, checkout the following.

For more information regarding cell phone radiation and the portiental harmful risks of 5G technology microwaves, I’ve attached a more recent, thorough and longer presentation regarding the matter and a NY home owner that expresses her valid concerns about the 5G equipment that was recently installed just outside her home.

Also, please know that the individual that is incharge of the FCC came from within the high executive level of the wireless technology industry. In my opinion, he’s extremely bios in pushing this type of technology down throats of America, but who am I to say. Check it out for yourself and do your own research if interested.

More and more information is slowly coming out for the public from the private sectors of science and health communities, making some of us commoners more aware to perhaps make a better and more informed decision with regards to our environment that we currently live in today. Thanks!

Good luck & God Bless!


@Wildlife sorry I still haven’t watched those but RF has been through my min, er, I mean on my mind

Today I moved a bot thread to the lounge,they can edit posts, made me wonder if AI could get us pizza, or drive a car, or police

and sadly, these are all old articles


Soon to be your girlfriend if you’d like too!