Cheap AR build kits under $400?

These companies offer rifle build kits pretty cheap. Is anyone here familiar with them? Are they junk? Pros? Cons? Just want to know about the companies here and their products and service.


Daytona Tactical

Eagle Lite

Also, are there other companies that have similar cheap build kits?


Palmetto state armory - great prices even for complete rifles and they hold up very well.


I will check them out. Thanks


OK, so I am looking at an M4 kit. Now does that use the same lower as an AR15?

OK, feeling silly. reading over here trying to see what the difference is between the two, then getting more confused because now people are saying an M4 is an AR15. :roll_eyes:

Tell me if this statement isn’t confusing: “i assure you, neither the lower receiver, nor the internals are not the same”

Lord have mercy, I’ve read they have the same guts and parts, then people are saying they use different bolt carriers. Now some guy is talking about a grenade launcher.
I think I’m on a romper room thread.


For civilians ar15 is all we get. You want a shorter barrel to make a rifle similar to a m4. That kit is fine. Find yourself an ar15 lower and you are good to go.


Awesome. that’s what I need to know. Thanks


for the added extra pennies I would just buy the complete rifle

That way you know the parts will work and should you want a shorter barrel later


Going to the shorter barrel, with that kit, would require either buying a new receiver or filing a form 1 to SBR the rifle receiver.

Building an AR pistol and then converting it to a carbine or rifle is legal. Building an AR carbine or rifle and then converting it to a pistol is not legal, according to the ATF.


sorry :flushed: on my side of the fence we do not have the SBR rules and I keep forgetting.


I still can’t make heads or tails of the Canadian rules.


so do stripped lowers and unless you are using a 80% …
the main reason to go complete is the greatest cause of ARs not working properly is the cobbled parts and at least if the rifle does not work you have a warranty. Buying a upper and it does not work with your lower, guess how far you will get with customer service.


the lower is a sum of the parts, if you do not have an AR, I would buy the complete PSA and this

it could be cheaper in the long run and in the end if your lower works you sell the stripped PSA lower.
But I am sure there are better and more experienced AR types here to offer a more educated opinion.


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here is another option - not sure the cost or availability
But it is the sound of Freedom


Polymer 80 got a bit overwhelmed by the market response to their 80% Glock frame kits (they weren’t expecting them to sell as well as they did). They went through some quality control issues, and had to hire more people to deal with the increase in sales and customer complaints, but they seem to have worked out most of those problems.

I haven’t tried their AR kits, though I have considered it as a possible option for a lightweight build.

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PSA rifle kit $279.99… PSA stripped lower $29.99… $310 for a complete rifle…


ya, that’s the same thing @srdiver mentioned above. So far, looks like the best deal.

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These guys have some pretty cool stuff.