Cheaters Club Intro & Promotion


Ok, its not exactly a cheaters club, but one common hold back getting new members is people do not want to cheat on their home forum.

So, FULL30 has a pilot project and I hope it becomes more of a standard amongst firearms forums.

The idea is we have a new group called the Double Barrel Group and people can sign up from other forums, get a custom name tag to show where they are from, and get a double barrel icon to be recognized. DBC2

So yes, its kind of a cheaters club


The Promotion

@jf89 has been working around the net trying to spread the word, additionally he has really shown diplomatic strength, a tough trait to learn.

For his efforts he is now promoted to a FULL30 Leader both on the main forum and also as the DBG owner, if you wish to help him just click the join group option

Congratulations and Thank you Joe!!!

Yes, you can belong to more than one FULL30 group


This reminds me of The Republic of Dave. #wastelandambassador




Very nice!


Never thought I’d live to see the day a GINGER became a leader… congratulations for breaking that glass ceiling for the gingers everywhere


Congratulations for a well deserved appointment. Let me know if there is something I can do to help.