Cheeky range shenanigans


@TacticalUnicorn1776 (Alex from Liberty Cycles) and I hit the range yesterday to act like children. Grown children…with guns…and candy…and Tannerite. And here’s the results. Enjoy.


That’s awesome! Love me some tannerite! I’m planning a special tannrite session involving an XBOX soon. I’ll be sure to video it.



I collect so please let me pay the shipping and save the XBOX.


Be careful with that. Believe it or not, I’m actually a professional (I was EOD in the Army). Doing what i did here gets very dangerous when you introduce solid material like plastic or metal. I knew i should have added a disclaimer.


Don’t worry, I make my own and we put any solid objects waaay out there.


Sorry, man. This is a vengeance mission. It’s got to be done.


Just one. I won’t blow up the other 30 of them.


@EQuinn I’m watching this thread. I’ve already taken away an iPad several times… watching this is like looking into my future I feel. :expressionless:


At least you guys got some candy, looked like a good afternoon exercise.