Chicago takes an illegal gun every 48 min

First of all I don’t agree with any gun being illegal. So I don’t mark this as a good thing. In fact I think it’s one of the biggest constitutional crimes in America. That said… I’m pretty sure I see a bazooka in there. And as a side note, this proves confiscation is possible


He mentions that the prosecutor is “not cooperating with police”. That likely means that they are making arrests and taking guns during those arrests, then the prosecutor either won’t bother with the case, or plea bargains it away to almost nothing. Hard to make any real impact on crime, when the police are just taking some of the tools away from the criminals, but leaving the criminals free.

The numbers are also likely padded with things like the 3 guys that stole nearly 400 guns from a UPS hub in Memphis, hauled them back to Chicago in a van, then were stupid enough to get caught after selling only a few of them, because they parked the van in a store parking lot and thought they could just sell them all out of the back of the van. When police showed up, they just hopped in the van and locked the doors, so they were clearly not the brightest Chicago has to offer.

Gun control supporters keep claiming that gun crime in Chicago is due to weak gun laws in neighboring states, but that just isn’t the case. After the Brady Law imposed background checks nationwide, in 1993, the feds reported an increase in thefts from gun stores. Tennessee started seeing cycles where several gun stores would be burglarized in the middle of the night, with ‘smash and grab’ methods used to allow them to be gone before police could respond to the alarm. Within a month or two, the guns would start being recovered in Chicago. Since then, they have added shipping hubs to their targets, as they learn how to determine where a gun shipment is.

‘Catch and release’ just slows Chicago criminals down temporarily, allowing them to learn from their failures, and to recruit younger people with the claim (mostly true) that the reward is worth the small risk of doing any time if caught.


I love your first paragraph


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I absolutely agree. Guns are not the root cause of Chicago’s problems. It’s the criminals themselves and the failed public policies that enable them.


It’s all them damn white people!!


If they were to give those improperly acquired firearms to responsible, law abiding citizens, the overall gun crime would decrease like it has in every other locale where suppressed gun rights have been somewhat restored (concealed, open, or constitutional carry).