Child’s Gas Mask. True Story.


I went into a pawn shop the other day and found the oddest thing. A child’s gas mask from WW2.

I kept it in the garage overnight. Sounds were heard. Sounds that children make. The wife said NO. Get it out. Now. Took it to a collector friend and traded it right away yesterday. He needed it. I got some helmets. Win win. Still… it was unnerving. I’m a skeptical person but that thing gave me the willies.

Anyway- it was made in 1938 for the Blitz when London was being bombed. Coated in asbestos with a faulty hand pumped respirator, it ended up doing more harm than good for some children. What a sombering and eerie piece of history.




Creepy indeed! The same pawn shop sold me a flag too. I was asking about WW2 stuff and the employee said ‘No, we don’t have anything. Except for this flag in a box. I just keep it under the counter. Want to buy it?” After an insanely low amount of dollars were exchanged I took home my gas mask and flag.

My wife is holding the flag up above her head.



Want to sell it?


Sorry I have to keep this one. It’s just too good not to. It’s a Kriegsmarine flag that would have flown on a large ship. Goes great with my Keiegsmarine pistol. I’m always coming across something though. If I get anything similar I’ll message you first.


I’m going to show you what that gas mask was traded for. I hope I don’t ruin your morning with two words. Afrika Corps.


good trade :+1:


I thought so. The wife I don’t think was too thrilled either way. :rofl:


You find some awesome stuff mate. I’m jelly.


You have to visit the shady ones. That’s where you find the best stuff! Thanks Mister_Torgue.


I love shady pawn shops!