China Cloned the M16: Meet the Norinco CQ Rifle



how many do you want, either full length or carbine (CQ or CQa)
I am actually shopping for a CQa with the shorter barrel


They mill off the selector stops like colt! I didn’t think anyone else did that.



A very nice transition from a tested and failed firearm (12000 rounds) to a good replacement that is well documented. Helpful information for shooters with limited finances and/or families.:smirk:


Personally I would have just replaced the barrel, extractor, ejector and associated springs and my guess is that the Norinco would have run 100% again.

Norinco is known to make very good base components (such as receivers) for firearms but some of their parts can be dodgy.

As far as the Olympic replacement goes, I hope it works well. They have had some serious QC/QA issues in the past.