China creates laser assault rifle that can TORCH human tissue from half a mile away



We’ve been through this. It’s not possible. The physics laws cannot be broken.



Its doable!!



Im going to be doing a review on one of these soon. Likely won’t make it to 5000 rounds. But it’s a start.


Just don’t fuck with the barrel pin!!


I am going to start omg the feather test on some of these things. Don’t tell anyone. But I just found a rifle that the pin come right out and the barrel can be pulled apart by a 6 year old. Crazy stuff. Just don’t tell anyone. It’s going to be a game changer.


If you get one round, I’ll eat my hat.


Half mile, it’s going to be something. I have been meditating and getting my cheese in line so i can be focused.




Can I borrow it when you’re done? I’ve got some Chinese food in the fridge I need to reheat…in my neighbors house…half a mile away.