Chinese AK variant discussion


Stream goes live at 8:30 PM Central.

When the stream starts, we will go over some of the situation currently going on in Iowa. and then later we will have @Glockshooter79 on for an in depth discussion about the Chinese AK variants, Surplus and imports as well as a brief talk about the * Chinese Arsenal 66 AK-47 Type 56 Rifle, 7.62x39, Underfold, w/ New U.S. Barrel and Receiver by James River Armory
Join in the discussion in the comments section and share the stream with your buddies. or that homeless guy you met the other day in the subway. Heck, anyone and everyone.


The Chat is opened up for those who would like to get in early and talk with the guys.


Thank you for mentioning the forum Brother!!!


We need to get some more warm bodies in here.


That is cool to see people in these forums on the stream.