Chinese Type 54/ 213

Found a Chinese Tokarev in 9x19, without the Norinco roll stamp locally at a pawn shop for $300 tax included. All matching numbers, and some wear.

I think it will be a nice little project gun and perhaps if I can find an extra slide, I could maybe mill it one day and put a MRDS on it…because it hasn’t been done.

Regular Toks are out of stock, and were 260 including shipping and FFL transfer, so I don’t think it’s an amazing deal but only a hair above market. The sold list on gunbroker had ones in better shape for 400, so it seems fair enough.

Reputation on line says they’re not as good as the Euro 7.62x25 Tokarev, but I don’t want a new caliber right now. Work on it probably won’t be too difficult to get it running well.

It’s on layaway, just so that I can research it, and if I cancel then I lose at most $15.

If anyone has an opinion on the price, please share.

If anyone knows where the navy arms .38 super barrels/conversions can be found, please share.


If it’s for fun and range time go for it.


Old Western scrounger had the 9mm euro ones just no magazine for less than that.
For some reason I can’t get the link to copy. $179.00


Great site, recommend being on their mailing list to everyone


@shooterrex @Robert

Wow. I have not decided if I need to say good or bad things to you for telling me about this site, and also not telling me about this site sooner.

Those would be some great projects, and I’d buy some if I weren’t so short on time due to PCS…


yes please - but I would rather go with a 1911/.38 super conversion in 7.62 Tok

If you got an actual T54 - they are as good as their Soviet counterparts, but if it is a 213 that escaped the Bafte it is still an okay pistol (BTW how many Chinese Toks do you want…)
I would be checking to see if it has a factory 66 code and check for Russian parts.



Hmm… I’m going to have to do some research between the T54 and the 213.

Not sure what you mean by escaping BATFE… it does have a safety on it.


I see the 66 with triangle stamp next to the SN and a B on the trigger guard.


the only safety on a TT-30/33 and the numerous family and variants is the half cock (oh and the occasion mag safety)
anything else was added to meet the import requirements as was the made in china stamp
check your trigger pack and see if it is has chinese or western script - you could have gotten lucky and have a type 51



Checked the trigger group, western script but only one letter and the last 4 of SN.

The guy I know at the pawn shop will be in Monday and I may be able to renegotiate the price.

The price is getting based off ones on GB being around $400.


my opinion it is a type 51 that has had the ATF import crap added
the serial number is too small (scale for numbers) to be a Type 54 or 213


@srdiver I haven’t been able to find a type 51 online for sale, so I am guessing you’re saying it’s worth more than the $300 they’re asking.


quick history
type 51, made from russian parts supplied to factory 66 - seeing the western script on the frame leads me to that conclusion, may be all russian but assembled at factory 66
type 54, chinese made using the tech pack given to them by russia (military issue)
Norinco 213 made for the export/civilian market
the 51 would be worth a lot more if it didn’t have the safety

to me they are worth 2-300 only because we have lots of them, most unissued or refurbed, either tt30, tt33, polish, romanian cogir (CT because TTC is actually the russian one) , chinese (polytech/norinco), yugo m57s and the list goes on.


@srdiver thank you. I was able to find a post referring to one without safety being work about $1k in 2017 on gunforums IIRC.

The safety does mean it was imported rather than a Korea/Vietnam bring back.


So I got it for $250 OTD.
Just test fired it, and it runs.

Will make a fun project for the future.


Wow, you rocked it!