Chris rips and shreds the "new" Colt M16

Love his knowledge and frank review


No way would I pay that much.



I agree 100%. I love his reviews, honesty and practical way of explaining and outlining his findings. I especially liked learning about Colt’s history over the years, particularly the politics that played into its downfall from starting at the top to having been surpassed by numerous companies that produce a competitive, but more to the point modern and refined product.

I have nothing against Colt, if you’re looking to get one of their legacy pistols or rifles, the quality is definitely there. Their outsourced products rely on their name/rollmark. Their M4 Expanse and the M16A1 Reissue are examples of this. For the M4 Expanse if all you want is a budget rifle with a Colt logo and seldom shoot it or let it sit in the safe it serves a purpose. The M16A1 Reissue however is a different story since it’s not an entry-level product. Ultimately there is a market for it, but I really think it’s a niche crowd.


Like the guy said in “Used Cars”
“That’s just too f*****g much!!!”


The ONLY reason I would buy one of these is to be able to write “Colt M16a1” On my CMP card and watch all the Ar15 guys turn green.


I understand that! Colt really screwed the pooch on this one. They could have made much more coin with a mass produced, correctly priced rifle…


Not nearly as bad as the FN SCAR 20S raping

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