Christmas Bounty


I just wanted to share with everyone I DID NOT get an 82A1 or any equivalents

But wonder what everyone else got?


I got rebates from Federal and free shipping from PSA…the gifts that keep on giving. :wink:


I am single so I have Christmas all year round…this year I bought 2 scopes, mounts and 1000 rounds of CCI 22 mag. ammo Reeds Sporting Goods had a 2 for one sale on the ammo and could not pass it up, CCI $8.50 a box BOGO…Tax time will bring Christmas again…lol…


These were under the tree for me. :grinning:


Empty nester kids are grown and gone my wife and I just buy what we want all year long. I buy ammo when it is on sale . I have bought a Reminton 870 tactical and another gun safe this year . I’m planning a trip to Frontsight this spring.


I got peace and quiet.
Not one meltdown. Psycho SIL stayed home :smiley:

Week in Jamaica from the wife.


I don’t drink so that would be quite a bit of ammo for me…


A fellow shoot like myself was kind enough to gift this awesome tumbler!

The wife @aly.bel was kind enough to gift the (in my personal opinion) highest quality standard jobber length drill bits

These are what you want if your looking for good drill bits. Actual HSS mixed with cobalt. Made in England not china!


Whats a good drill bit?

I thought we were supposed to use and collect crap ones,huh, need to re-figure now




Clearly not a mouse pad…


Got some usual misc fodder not worth mentioning and a host of video games I wanted with some amazon gift cards. But as far as firearm related only a .50 cal ammo can and one of those mountable magnets where you can hide your firearm somewhere. Unfortunately it won’t stick that well to my safe so I have to find somewhere to mount it… It may become useless once the baby gets here so maybe I’ll put it in the car.


Don’t discount the utility of a .50 ammo can. Those things are Tupperware for adults, and I’d have more if places weren’t charging $20+ for them!


I hope you all had an awesome Christmas Holiday!

I was actually pretty surprised this year. I bought a new handgun just before Christmas. So my daughter (who just turned 20) bought me a nice range bag, 9mm specific cleaning kit and pistol case to carry it in. I can finally retire my 15 year old Cabela’s duffel bag lol.


This came for me


Double check the address, they may have been mis-shipped…:wink:


Oh for sure! I use my other one for this purpose: :cowboy_hat_face:


I got a red dot sight and a TLR-8 for my rifle. Me and hubby got each other the same TLR-8. Neither of us ever mentioned it to each other. We’re spooky like-minded that way. He got some leather wraps for his Uberti 1873 rifle. That was a pre-Christmas present he got in November (the rifle, that is).


Wow, very nice! I like that. Now I gotta go buy another ammo can and some foam :slight_smile: