Christmas in February!


Well, Mrs. ThisOldGun and I got a surprise in the mail today! I didn’t think I would ever get a response to the Christmas card I sent… but one came complete with portrait!!! ‘Merica! :us:


That is cool! (If only he would have sent you an autographed trumpy bear, you could have died a happy man today!l


That’s pretty awesome.


Congratulations! That is a great example of a politician taking care of a constituent. No, seriously, would you like an 8x10 glossy of Madam Pelosi ? No, me either, and I have seen her type complexion on great men at Mt Rushmore! :rofl:


@Merlin7 You’re absolutely correct! And your comparison…:rofl:


@LonewolfMcQuade You got my wife to look up Trumpy Bear. She decided that she needs one in her life now!



Damn it! Sorry, now I just cost you money that could have been well spent on more guns or ammunition LOL my Southern belle keeps telling me she wants one too


Congratulations! That is cool!


@Festus Thank you Sir!


You are very welcome!


If they come out with Trumpy Bear holding an ar15, i’be buying!



Ok, now I am jealous!

Way to go!