Christmas tree hunting

Don’t know how many places have this tradition but we go out every year to go chop down a Christmas Tree. This year there’s quite a bit of snow so I may be getting into some trouble. Out of all my friends I have the best truck for this type of situation which makes me a bit more nervous cause I got just one friend that “might” be able to get to me if I get stuck.

Hopefully it’s a good time and we get a great tree. If anyone else has this tradition let’s see your score. It’s a big thing in my area I would think there’s more out there that do it.


When we still celebrated Christmas we would harvest our own. Most years it meant finding “the one” at the top of the balsam fir with us down below. It involved a lot of walking around and backing up to actually see the top. Then I’d chop down the tree and take the top.


Many moons ago I walked out of my house and noticed some strange drag marks in the snow. So I followed them. They went to the road and that’s where they stopped. So I followed them the other way. Some jag off chopped the top off one of my pine trees leaving about half the tree headless.

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That’s awesome! I should try that next year

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That’s unbelievable


Well after @Tactical_Reviews suggestion I now have a great tree I found on someone’s lawn. I will post pictures of it tomorrow.




It’s a bit stragglery but it will sine good


Grandpa would go cut a tree every year and about half the time a critter would come in the house with it . Grandma was not happy.