Citizen let's city council have it about wanting to cancel gun show


Unlike all these other dozens of useless news link topics this topic has legitimate substance and will also have meaningful content and discussion from all of us sane users here.

As for the video, this guy needs to hold office somewhere. We need more people like this guy and not useless and or crazy conspiracy theory people representing us. I’d definitely stand side by side and go to in to a fight with this guy.

Someone needs to host this video here.


I have seen him on bearing arms and Facebook the man is spoton.


Hear hear,no kidding the bs troll thing GOT OLD,take that crap back to the chans wnere it belongs!


Wow ,in a word,providence this guy was channeling something bgger than himself.
Articulate,passionate,real! Very moving.:joy:


Fantastic video, Mister_Torgue. Thank you very much for sharing it with us.

Now I know who to vote for if I ever live there!


Grrreat, as the tiger used to say.
A first class speech, and judging from the applause, much appreciated by those in the room.