Citizen Militia instead of Govt Military


Hypothetically speaking as this is never going to happen: Who would be in favour of getting rid of the Military in it’s entirety, in favour of placing our Nation’s defense in the hands of Militia groups. Let’s face it, the threat of foreign invasion is absolutely zero and the 2A is a superb deterrent for any such ill-fated ideas (remember Admiral Yamamoto discouraging Emperor Hirohito from invading mainland USA as being impossible because there will be someone with a rifle behind every window). Remember folks, the DoD is a $660 billion luxury we cannot afford [let alone need].

Or should we decentralize military planning to the individual States?

Or should we have a govt run civil reserve type Military like Israel and Switzerland?

I say we go 100% Militia, we’d need to have all infringements upon the 2A repealed though. Who’s with me?


The militia deals with local level issues, such as natural disaster, or invasion. The military deals with international issues.


Well first the threat of foreign invasion isn’t anywhere near zero. North Korea, Russia, China etc. They may not have boots on the ground here. But a militia is no help from a nuke attack. So a military is a necessity. The $660B for that isn’t a luxury but it is hard to afford. Plenty of other places to cut though. Starting with foreign aid.

Having individual states handle the military is dangerous cuz states differ so. Some lib / passive state may not be willing to support the whole of the country.

Any modern government involvement with local militias is dubious at best. (Read that as “Hell no.”)

The point of the militia is to defend against foreign and domestic threats. Like when the Gov over steps it’s Constitutional authority. IMO, that’s the biggest threat to our rights.


I like the idea of ditching the National Gaurd and re establishing militias.


@jf89 But just for clarification, are you suggesting the state then run the militia? That’s what I fear. Look at how Ca won’t let the N.G. Perform certain jobs in support of border protection.
I think militias should be numerous and from small 3-4 man groups up to bigger ones. Fire fights are not the sole function of a militia. Some good HAM radio operators and other disciplines are required. Less Government the better off we’ll be.


IMO, when a ruling government has control of a militia, it is no longer a militia, it’s a state run military force.


I tried explaining this to a snowflake but they just got butt hurt. The NG is just Army-lite they are not in anyway similar to the old militias. I have a close friend who showed me a couple videos of his unit kicking down doors to disarm people during hurricane Katrina, I dont think that shit wouldve happened if we still had militias.


If I remember right, the US military can not be deployed in the US. The national guard can only be deployed if the state governor requests it, the president can not do it. The militia is a citizen force that operates at the local level, like a city, town, or village. In some cases, at a state level. A militia supplies its own firearms and equipment. A good example of a militia would be after a tornado. These people live there, they are the first to respond, to provide aid, to help rescue and ensure people are safe.


Ok that I get and agree with. The thing is we need to form our own militias. That isn’t a state or fed run construction. Those can be formed by gun clubs or like minded radio clubs. (HAM guys are an interesting bunch. The few I’ve met are pretty much small gov guys as well.)

The 3%ers are an interesting lot but I don’t see how there is any organization there.


That makes sense, Antifa is kind of a milita lol


Actually, most states do have groups. You just need to locate them. I like to deal more at the very local level. People I know, gun clubs, range buddies. The majority of times a militia would be used is at the very local level, a flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, blizzard, etc. When those who are unable to help themselves need it most.


How does one locate them? Me thinks they’re few and far between here in Ca. Or really secretive.


As funny as it sounds, start with facebook



Too late. I’ve dumped them. Wife hasn’t though yet but is going to soon. I’m on it. Let’s see what turns up.


I work on a friends of NRA committee with three ham guys . .Mostly older gun guys but I am talking to them about getting a small radio setup. It will be the only way to communicate because it can be shut down like phones or email.


Ive been reading some of Jack Donovans stuff and John Mosbys “Forging the Hero” both kind of make a good arguement for tribalism and small close knit communities.


KWe obviously totally disagree on Russia, China and NK. You clearly do not know what we’re doing to them. Without going into politis too much: I’m tired of our bullying others into submission. America needs to f’n grow up and knock it off with this kindergarten politics. Sanctions here, wars there. WE CANNOT ALWAYS HAVE OUR WAY. Other countries have their interests as well. Sharing is no part of our skillset, apparently.
Bottom line: we ought to quit foreign policy (or better said, total lack thereoff) and focus on home. I can’t believe you seriously consider Russia a threat. They didn’t decide to suddenly appear in the middle of our 900 or do bases surrounding them! And don’t start that with “they’re behaving aggressively”, because in that case you obviously haven’t been paying any attention whatsoever to our own modus operandi these last, say, 20 years. Just sayin’. As for nuclear weapons, nobody in their right mind is ever going to even consider considering the use of them. Not even Kim. It would mean the end of the world. And we’ve gotta be fair with everybody else: if they can’t have them (who are we to dictate them in the first place??), we can’t have them. America has been screwed up thanks to idiots like Reagan and McCain. We need to collectively change and start learning to show others respect. I don’t believe in the whole Republican ultranationalist kool-aid BS. This whole America first brainless testosterone machismo crap is a lie I don’t fall for and Trump is a buffoon. I believe in striving towards better relationships with everybody and acting like adults. The only adults on the Hill we have for that matter are Paul and Sanders. Everybody else is a Cabal member and/or an idiot. It saddens me that so very few people actually see that our foreign policy is so utterly destructive, counterproductive, immature and a threat to world peace. I rest my case… Politics just disgusts me. Foreign policy that is. Foreign policy is evil, we need to quit it altogether. The Founding Fathers were opposed to it as well.

As for your last paragraph, we’re on the same page.


I like your line of thinking, overcoming tornadoes and other natural disaster recovery management is way beyond any militia group’s capability though. Civilian entities don’t posses the necessary resources. You need govt to handle that. I’m thinking helicopters, hospitals, professional first responders etc. A militia does not bring anything like that to the table. It’s just armed civies on foot/in 4wd’s and that’s it. A Militia is good for local security/patrol against any potential predators of society. But anything else? They’re way in over their head. Let’s not make Militia groups any bigger than they realistically are.

An insanely well funded, well organized, skillfully managed, strictly uniformly armed and well equipped, fit, super well trained and disciplined Militia might be a light infantry force to be reckoned with though. An invader or roaming gangs would think twice before getting any funny ideas. I’m talking a serious Militia that means business and is as close to a slick military unit as it gets. Not your run of the mill wannabees.


You’re misinformed about Sanders. Imagine him being secretary of labor or urban development. He genuinly cares for Average Joe & Jill. Sure he has ideas that aren’t exactly ethical (yes he is pretty much anti 2A, pro legalization of dope and other insanity), but try for a moment and look where he stands on employee rights, people with disabilities and other totally forgotton groups, and foreign policy. He’s not the evil guy you might think he is and would surely serve in my Cabinet. Just put him to work where he could do best for the people. Trust me, he’s one of the last mohicans out there.