City of Boulder Can’t Even Get 100 Gun Owners to ‘Certify’ Their Newly Outlawed ‘Assault Weapons’



Hahahhahahaa big middle finger to those fuckers.
Oh, can I say that?


Why yes, yes you can!! In fact I encourage such “pleasantries” for those sorts of ilk. :cowboy_hat_face:


Stay strong Colorado.
And remember, just because someone calls a semi automatic rifle an “assault weapon” it actually isn’t one.

A Honda civic is not a Formula 1 car
A kitchen knife is not an axe or a sword
A semi automatic rifle is not an assault weapon

Stop the stupidity there before it is too late.


That must mean there’s less than 100 weapons in the city of Boulder. Good on them. :rofl:


He’ll yes you can! But I’m still gonna flag your fucking profanities for dramatic effect!


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