Civilian legal flashbang


What do you guys think? Looks interesting…


I wouldnt mind a couple, how much do they cost?


Looks to be $14.50 for em. I used to play milsim before getting into target shooting and we used the smoke grenades. Actually quite impressive. Still… would rater carry an extra mag than one of these if SHTF.


The web site shows them at about £10 plus another £9 VAT. Also not sure you could import them legally. But they look fun / useful.


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I added a US supplier link as well, they’re 30 bucks a pop. I think these things would come in handy during hd/cqb situations.


as with all distraction devices if you the thrower are not shielded (wall, cover or distance) you stand a very good chance of being distracted as well as the target. So in a defensive roll in a home might not be such a good idea and in theory CQB should never exist for CCW/home defense because now you are offensive and could be considered performing as a vigilante action. Now if you throw it and in the confusion of the smoke, flash and concussion ran away or used a exterior means of escape sure.


Cherry bombs from the local fireworks store are cheaper.
But you will need to keep a stogie going to light the fuses.


When I was a kid, we made our own.
Cheaper and much louder than even the store bought ones back then.
Where there’s a will…


only flash bang for me happens the moment I pull the trigger.