Civilian legal Smoke Grenades


So we ordered up a case of the M14 smoke grenades and decided to do some “testing”

Worth every penny… we will be ordering more and also testing the M-11 Thermobaric flash bangs
I must say… having these is not only a lot of fun, but dang… they work.


How much do they go for? @RogueGunnWorks


By the time we have paid shipping to our shop, $42.00 each…
If you want more than one, price comes down quite a bit.


What makes military smoke grenades illegal?


??? No one makes military grade smoke grenades illegally… it is whether or not a civilian can obtain them. These are the next best thing so far.


What brand are these? I’ve been looking at the Enola Gaye EG18x pyrotechnics out of curiosity.


These seem pretty legit, but I honestly don’t know where else to look.


How about civilian legal flash bangs, do those exist?


Yep… there are several companies that make the flash bangs. We picked up some but have not had time to play with them. They even make one that is run off a CO2 canister and you can refill it.