Class 3


Some full auto’s, hence my username Belt fed.


Center one is a ruger ac 5.56 select fire. top one is a ruger mini 14 gb model.


45 auto Uzi, this one is semi but rare caliber for it.


Shooters kit that goes with the mG34. Original scope to the Jap TYpe 99


Damn impressive collection!!


Is it just me or do you also now feel like a Jr Agent?


A very early low serial number Thompson, this one is semi too.


I done got too old to feel that



Might have to check out Arkansas for our next home. If you can get all those guns, I’m in.


Come on, anything is legal here, you can even own and carry switchblades. we are a republican state. anything anti gun don’t do well here. Even a Democratic candidate will never mention gun control, that’s a big no no here. There are class 3 dealers all over here.


So much goodness in one thread


…I just…so much jealousy. The German stuff specifically gets me in the feels.

Disappointed no Sturmgewehr?


I mean the state that gave us the Clinton’s what’s not to love? You can even visit his library there, like Mecca. :grin:


They just won’t take them back !


Or like Monica…


Right, never mind.


Won’t take the Clinton’s back or won’t let the Clinton’s back in? Would you?:rofl:


I personally think that all polititions should do prison time for the same time they were in office. Just to cover for what we did not catch them doing.


WE don’t want em back, I hope they never come back. even for a visit.