Class Is Evacuated Because Of A Trump Hat?

The crazy thing here, to me, is removing the whole class

what kind of liberal school does that?

Keep the kids safe, get them away from the hat wearer QUICK!


This kid didn’t even make it to class


This is why the next generation will be far more conservative. It’s the way to rebel against the establishment and their parents. Just putting on a red hat with four words is enough to trigger 1/3 of the population. They pwned themselves.image


I agree with the kid in the first video as much as his statement. Now the teacher very specifically explained the no hat rule. He stated no hats in school property. that’s a rule this kid decided to brake. Now as far as I am concerned as the teacher he would have left and went to the office. its what happened to us all when we broke the rules in class, Just because he made a decision to wear that Trump hat doesn’t make him above the rules and the consequences of braking this rule.
Evacuating the class was ridiculous. Call the principle or SRO and have him remove.


A typical reaction by the Liberal/Green side to ban the “famed” Red Assault Hat, it has been shown to fit in all communities. :sarcasm::gasp:


They had a no hat policy there, He broke the rules. whether the teacher wanted him to remove it cause of trump is irrelevant. no hats. Now if the teacher started degrading Trump in class then he should be fired.

The kid got vocal and then the teacher got stupid. first off the teacher using off color language to kids should be disciplined. Then removing a whole class cause of one kid that wasn’t being hostile is really ignorant.

Kid should have been sent to office for disobeying rules, If kid refused to leave teacher should have contacted office to have him removed, either by security guards or police. teacher should be disciplined for removing class and language.

A teacher should NEVER let a kid get the upper hand and lose their temper.


The bus driver in the second video should be terminated. He should never lay his hands on a student unless it’s an emergency situation. jerking a hat off a kids head is not one of them.


As for the no hat policy in the class room it is a reasonable rule when equally enforced. As far as the school bus , I think the libtards who scream tolerance while chastising anyone who disagees with them should have more opened minds. :wink: