Classical bipod, do you agree with me?

Two classical bipods, have you ever seen them or used them?

MidTen Tactical Rifle Bipod 6-9 Inches Adjustable Foldable Legs with Adapter for 20mm Rail

MidTen 6"-9" Tactical Rifle Bipod Spring Return with Quick Release Adapter for Hunting & Shooting

They have the same function, but they are different from their styles. Which one do you like better?

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Classic? I have a Harris Lightweight 1A that is probably 10 years older than you on my .260 Rem. :wink: 1978 - Am I right?

:joy:Yeah, you’re right. 1994…me


Of your choices - I don’t have a rail so I’d go for the “Quick Release”.

Though Harris Bipods are still available. :wink: And they last decades. And they are the design the Mid Ten stole . . . er copied.

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I can’t tell the difference only the quick release.

I have an eBay one working well on .23 and 308 mounts on sling stud.

I’m getting a new one for my 308 long gun build, not sure of the brand but one with a little give to load the bi pod forward and it will have a quick realease mount.

The sling stud is too fidlly.

There are a lot out there!

After I bought my first ‘TipTop’, I was honestly impressed with the quality and the functionality for the cost, so I bought me another one. I now own a longer one for sitting in my field chair hunting and the original shorter one mainly for target shooting. You can say I’m a fan of ‘TipTop’ bipods now.

2 - TipTop Tactical Rifle Bipod Quicklock EZ Pivot & PAN 9" - 13" & 13.5" - 27" Picatinny Mount Quick Action, Extendable, Folding that go with my .308 WIN rifle.