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De facto classified section.
Please remove or update when sold…


Hey Robert,

We’re discussing adding a classified section. However, as of now, we don’t have any set plans to add one in the immediate future.


Well that sucks, a place to offload gear would be nice.


I agree. I’m moving (going through everything) and looking to get rid of extra military surplus items. It would be great to see gear go to someone who would actually use it!


I’m on board. Let me get some things together…


I’m willing to sell outright, but I was thinking it would be fun to swap like USPS flat rate boxes. This box has 1) One Gen 3 L2 top and bottom, sized Medium Regular, 2) Gen 3 L1 top and bottom sized Medium, 3) Army flame resistant top sized Medium, 4) edit: Some surplus items that I randomly threw in. Multi cam patches, AK sling brand new, and whatever else I can cram in. Clothes still have the tags. Is anyone willing to swap boxes?? I really don’t want to move stuff I’ll never use.


No leatherman unfortunately. It’s a handy tool that Hesco gives out.

I’ll be sure to edit as soon as the box is spoken for. Let’s see if this works!

Edit: Reworded for clarification


Also, any interest in an original Sten MK2 bolt, cocking knob, and spring? I have no use for them. The bolt has been stripped by the way.

Edit: I’ll let this go for the cost of shipping. USPS small flat rate box.


I’m surprised you let it go! I’ll take the next one off your hands. :grinning:

And yes the bolt is a leftover from the build. I’d probably get it out of here just for the cost of shipping and gas.


Or magazines, too many states banning them and im not sure how it could backfire on this site.


Living in a free state, that didn’t cross my mind. Good catch. Edited out.


FFL items handled correctly should be fine . . . right? :slight_smile:

I’m an 01 in Oklahoma.


@Robert I’m with you.

As an alternative, I wouldn’t see any harm in posting a link to an Armslist ad along with a few pictures.


We’re all guests . . . my comment wasn’t intended to direct Full30 to do anything . . . hence the “?” at the end of my statement.

But seriously . . . you’re either 2A friendly or you’re not . . . if properly handled FFL items aren’t possible here then what would be the point of the section?


For trade- HK manufactured claw mount with Stanag adaptor plate. Fits models G3, 91, 93, MP5, Cetme, etc. Used, good condition. These are $229 on Looking to trade for WWII helmets, WWII German/British items or demilled surplus parts kits.


What would you be interested in trading for?


The items I listed in the description. Thanks!


I mean, what would you be interested in.


Listed above. Thanks!



1911 Pieces/Parts