Cleaning Some Revolvers

I picked up a new to me S&W 617 yesterday at the LGS. So, decided to get it cleaned up as well as my custom S&W Model 10 using my new Real Avid cleaning kit and this rubber mat that some Amazon company sent me.


Cool way to get the rust out. Might follow it with some cold blue.
We know you have some, we all do.


I use Flitz metal polish to remove that stubborn fouling on the front of stainless revolver cylinders.



yeah, polishing helps if you are terribly concerned with the way it looks, long as it is clean, i don’t worry about it too much, most all my guns are shooters, not showers

@Quick_Draw_Mcgraw yeah, probably time to touch it up just a little, would help keep the surface rust off for sure. got hammered a bit for using motor oil to do that, guess that dude didn’t watch enough to see me using something else to actually lubricate. but i find motor oil is way cheaper and works just as well for that sorta stuff. if you live in a humid environment, you learn quick how to deal with surface rust on the cheap. heck, i have probably had that quart of oil for close to a decade LOL


All the ones I lost in the boating mishap were not show pieces.
What I like to call truck guns.
Still the blue is to inhibit rust. If you wanted to make it pretty, it would be sand blast and hot blue dippy tank way.
We had a 1949 Winnie 1894 that had scaled rust down one whole side of it. I bet it was submerged. The inside is perfect.
So I sand blasted it and painted it. Still looks like crap, but the metal from 1949 is well protected for the next owner.

For whom ever finds it at the bottom of the river lake thingy