Cleaning Wicks


I purchased a large box of cleaning wicks awhile back.


I really like how they clean and mop barrels but what a PIA to put them in a standard patch tip.
I’m thinking of taking a patch tip and cutting a section out of it to make a J hook rather than an eyelet.
Is there a tip actually made for these?


The jag in Deweys chamber cleaning would hold them. I don’t have a pic of the tip. and can’t get one right now cause of rain and back problems. i’ll see if I can find a pic. Found this. I have one for 308 and 223, Only thing is the rod is not long enough for a barrel brush. might check their website. maybe just get the cleaning tip.

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After looking I don’t think that jag will fit down the bore of a 22 caliber, matter of fact I know it won’t so scratch that idea.


That one looks like the ticket.
Damn sight easier then threading the needle.

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It’s too big for the bore.


They are made to be used with a pull thru chain that was supplied with the rifle. Much like a bore snake.


This is what the wicks are for. HK 91/G3 cleaning kit. 30 cal


Guess I gotta get one of those.
I got an HK and not the kit!!
I am truly embarrassed to admit that BTW.

Thanks Folks


Just a question from someone who is uneducated on what this thing is, but wouldnt a bore snake or patches do the same job?

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This came out long before the bore snake. This is a military cleaning kit for soldiers.


My experience using them is they are better than the patches.
They follow the bore and get down inside the grooves and clean much better than patches.
My main bitch is threading them through the patch jags.
Like threading a needle.
But I got a kit on its way and the jag looks much wider so it should be a lot less hassle.


Thanks for the clarification