Clinger Holster


Has anyone tried this holster?
Sorry, I’m out of pocket so things aren’t copying over the best.

I’d really like to carry my P07 IWB but my shape makes it hard to conceal even in the appendix position. So I’m researching different holster options but thought this would be a good group to check with!


I haven’t used that one but it looks promising. I use an alien gear iwb and it works well. I just wish it was more comfortable.


I haven’t tried that one, the ad reads like a hundred other models out there. Good luck in your search.


I have not, used a lot, but not that one. Alien gear makes a good IWB holster that I liked very much. I found this one to be the most comfortable.


Thank you all! It’s a reasonable price in my mind so I might just go for it and see what happens. Worst case, I’m back to where I am now. :blush:


Holsters are hard, what works for one, may not work for others. Before you pull the trigger, take a look at these. I’ve used dozens of holsters. IWB are the most comfortable when there’s good padding between you and the weapon. Also helps to keep body sweat off the weapon. Take a look here.


Come back and give us a review, ok?


Will do!


You’re the second person I’ve seen that went with this company in the same day.