Clip, or Magazine?


Learn the difference people. It’s really not that hard.


^ This. Info like this should be one of the very first things a new gun owner / shooter should learn after the safety stuff.


“Clip” sounds more gangsta though and lord knows I needs to keeps it gangsta


I was thinking hollywood misidentifies and uses “clip”.


True, hollywood is a weird place though just a couple years ago they were stuffing animals up their butts.


I just ask them if they have an M1 Garand or SKS? Always get a blank stare. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I try to ignore it when well meaning folks misuse the terms, but yes terminology makes a difference. When asked I just use the correct words and hope they pick up on it.

But what really grinds my gears is when folks misuse the word bullet when meaning round, ammo, cartridge, ammunition, or whatever else. The bullet is the projectile and not the assemblage of bullet, powder, case, and primer.



Thanks for the video on clips vs. magazines.

Actually, I have never known the difference till now.

I guess that means that despite my having several semi-auto handguns, I don’t own any clips. I do, however, own a number of magazines.

Maybe someday I will buy one of the old Garands and then I will get a clip? Or maybe an SKS?

So, basically, most of us gunowners will never own a clip.

What about those strips used for loading revolvers fast? Do they qualify as clips?

Yeah, I have been around guns for half a century, but still learning some of the basics.



Technically, ok you are correct. But, who would ever say “I am out of rounds” or “I need to buy some rounds” - sorry, those phrases just sound silly. But, saying “I am out of bullets” or “I need to buy some bullets” - and about anywhere except for the most serious ammo supply places, will know what you mean and want.

Sometimes, it is the misused word or phrase that catches on instead of the correct one.


I say im out of rounds all the time. It actually sounds better to me. I dont say “clips” though, met a mall ninja at the range one day who wouldnt stop with the word and got all confrontational when I corrected him.


As a reloader, I say out of rounds, or I need to pick up some rounds. Because saying I’m out of bullets is different. But that’s just me.


It’s far to complicated. Just remember, a mag holds rounds to be used in a gun. A clip puts rounds in to a gun or magazine, but no longer holds those rounds.


I identify as “high capacity ghost clipazine”


Me too. I can fire 1 million rounds in 1/10 of a second. I just choose not to.


So your Jerry Miculek? Heard he had to get NFA stamps for his trigger fingers.


My bumpfinger might need to be registered as well.


So was Bill Hickok a good mentor? Heard he trained you as a young lad. I wouldve really liked to hangout with John Wesly Hardin but I was born a 100+ years too late :frowning_face:


Jerry Miculek - he’s the man!

That guy is truly amazing!


Here is a picture that really clears the clip vs magazine confusion up:


You guys forgot to include the magazine clip!