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Suppressing an AK47..worth it?

Hello everyone I’m AJ. I have only been a member for a month, and I sure do appreciate this forum. I’m an older person and this is the first forum I have ever been apart of, so I’m still getting the hang of this. I started shooting at six years old, and hunting. My experience is high with a very wide variety of firearms, although you can never stop learning and I continue to find different ways of completing an objective. For a year and a half a Marine buddy and I would take vets out shooting on the weekends working on tactics, small unit communication, and mobilization during fire excercises. I met a lot of good people, you know the real salt of the earth. I like to think we all learned more proficient ways of handling ourselves. I am the first in my family to not go into the service, and believe that it was a mistake that I will never let go of. I had my Brother that died in my arms at 12. I left home at 14 and come from what people refer to as a “ broken home”, though to me that was just my home. I’ve been shot at, been blown through the air, and ended a lot of fights I didn’t start. I believe in God and pray before I eat. I try to help everyone and try to keep in mind not to argue but to share my opinion when at odds with another. I have worked in the same field for 18 years, and have a job I can only thank God for having. I will attempt to be a productive member for the forum. Thank you for your time.


Hello everyone. This is the first forum that I’ve been active on. The only one I tried before was weaponeer but with a lack of activity and file hosting I gave up on it.

I spent 10 years in the Air Force and got out after an injury during a deployment. I have had the opportunity to have shot lots of things that go boom. I do love the MK19 grenade launcher.

Currently my focus is on collecting old guns, the occasional WWII bayonet or knife, and military surplus helmets from any era.

I have several modern AR15s and handguns that I shoot, but my true love is the history contained in older weapons. I’ll probably run some rounds through my Sten if the rain cooperates today.


Long time lurker, just now posting
served 14 years in Cdn Forces but left because of a non military injury.
fired pretty well any thing that went bang in the 70s/80s (from .22 to 105mm/120mmSB), and which included a real AR10…
Owned but sorry I sold my G3 (yes a real G3 purchased in 1978 from the factory), sold it because of stupid Canadian gun laws that were making law abiding Canadian Citizens criminals with a stroke of a pen. Traded it of a full wood Enfield chambered in 7.62 x 51, a 1930’s Colt 1911 .38 super, Casull .454 and a Walam 48. Again suffered stroke of the pen issues with the Walam but sold those due to a relationship. Now just getting back to all of the fun and joy of gun ownership.


been a member for a while, but just getting active over the last couple of months.

have been into guns almost my entire life (since age 10). now, I am an old fart.

have bought and sold (traded) many guns, but tend to prefer the big bore guns (.44 mag and up).

no military experience, but admire and respect those that have served their country honorably.


^ This. I just started my mil surp collection with a couple of Mosins and a Star BM!


You left out Sabbath. No Black Sabbath, no heart for you. I assume the rest is true. Especially the piggyback rides. Poor piggies.


All is forgiven.
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I didn’t know we were doing pictures…


@Mister_Torgue Good choice on the Star BM! They’re underrated pistols I think.


They absolutely are. It’s sweet shooting and the trigger in mine is sublime. I want several more!


Thanks for having me. Come from a long line of Patriots;
Military, PD + FD. Grandfather #1- NPD Motor Officer -explains my love of M/C’s and 6 shooters.
Grandfather #2- NFD, Dad [ D-day and Bastogne] NFD also, add my brother,son and I also.
They taught all of us to shoot and hunt, as as my Dad and I have for my sons and daughter.
Former labor democrat who now works intensely to STOP the criminal crooked dnc scum of the earth and their NWO.

NO SURRENDER! AKA Gen McAuliffe reply “NUTS!”


I just suggested @Tru introduce himself here and realized I never did. So…

Hi, my name is Mark and I’m an alco… Wait, wrong forum.
My name is Mark, but just an average Joe.
My interest in guns is started mostly around target shooting at about 10 years old. Pistols mainly except for my 10/22 and a couple budget shotguns. (870 express and such)
When I started having kids is when I got interested in personal defense and started training to that goal. Still doing so.
Living in Ca I’ve seen this state go down hill. Slowly at first but in free fall lately. That’s what really got me going about the 2A and frankly our entire Constitution.
And while I plan to move to a free state (40 acres in Az) I am doing so due to the population. Just can’t handle crowds and traffic anymore. Until that time I’m going to continue the political fight here. A lot of people tell me to leave cuz Ca is a lost cause. While I may have to agree, I hate running from a fight. If we all surrender ground there will be no place to run to. Look what’s happening in Fl and Tx.
So without any really personal info I think you get the gist of who I am.

This should be a pinned thread so new guys find it easily.



Thanks, Mark.

Good luck on your move to AZ. 40 acres sounds nice, but will it be enough for you to go outside and target practice? (I guess that depends on the surrounding area…)

Florida is okay. Some people even call it the “gun shine state” (a take off of the “sunshine state”). In other words, it is generally friendly towards guns, though somewhat depending on what county you are in.

Some people think Arizona is gun friendlier than Florida. I don’t know, but hope you enjoy your freedom there.


You mean that book that maybe I wrote to lure the libs out of Ca? Kinda worked. But now they’re infesting others states while the hive is still in Ca.


Hi John,
Yes, plenty of open space around our property. It in Apace County. Population density is 6.4 people per sq/mi. Here in Orange County, Ca it’s 3200 per sq/mi.
Gonna build me a range to rival Hickock45.

My comments about Fl & Tx are that while they are gun friendly we are starting to see that slip away. Starts small but can get out of hand if we wait too long to fight. That’s what happened here. We can’t just run. Don’t wait for the forest fire. Kill it when the match is struck.



ok. thanks for the advice. yes, keeping my eye on Tallahassee.

Hope you do get that fancy (fancier than Hickok45’s) gun range. Of course, if you do, please make videos (just like he and his son do).


This is one of the primary reasons why we want out of Texas (among others). It’s going blue pretty quick and they aren’t as gun friendly as you think it would be. We get tens of thousands of CA transplants and tens of thousands of transplants from the northeast. Plus the activity from across the border. It’s all driving us natives away. Plus it’s too damn hot here, have no natural beauty outside of Big Bend/Alpine and traffic sucks. Haha.


Better then Oregon or Washington ,outside of the scenery. Idaho is more conservative then Texas with our scenery though and Montana is beautiful but im unsure of their politics right now.


Put up by the Brady bunch. Those I diots think they’re scaring folks. That’s a damn nice welcome sign to me.
Beats ours. Check out the bottom of this one. Not photoshopped. Actually an expensive prank by somebody. They were actually up for several weeks on on major interstates. The 10 & 15 forsure. Till the media reported it and the state found out and took them down. Don’t know why. It’s not like it’s a secret.