Cobra Kai TV series... unexpectedly good

I thought the first two Karate Kid shows were pretty good for what they were but this show I think is better.

It takes off 30 years after the 2nd Karate Kid and has to do with Johnny Lawrence opening Cobra kai back up.

Lawrence in his 50’s working a dead end job ,mistaken for a vagrant and drinking his life away while failing as a father decides to make a change in his life after meeting a nerdy kid that gets his ass kicked by bullies.

Being an 80s alpha male he never adapted or even paid attention to the times.He still drives an '85 Firebird blaring Poison, Foreigner, etc with the windows down. On top of that he does immature stuff like draw a dick going in Daniel Larousso’s mouth on his car dealership billboard ad.

He decides to take in misfits like fat kids, nerds, weak skinny kids and teach them how not to be pussies( his motto is even “Dont be a pussy”).

Ironically enough this antihero is pretty much the good guy while the Karate Kid is the yuppy asshole. Good show , way better than I thought it would be.

Worth a watch , its on Netflix


Ive seen 3 episodes on you tube. I would have gladly paid to see it.
Except Netflix is the devil, and I do not pay the devil his due


Its awesome.


I thought fools ball was the debil, just ask my momma


Been waiting a year for season 3 to starr.