Cocked primer! From the factory.


Primer blowout? What is it and how does it happen?

Primer blowout is when you want a BANG, and you get a pop and a little smoke.

A friend and I went to the range and we where shooting some federal champion 45 ACP ammunition.

He had a primer blowout happen. After waiting a minute with the pistol still pointed down range waiting for a delayed shoot. After the minute we removed the cartridge.

Everything looked good until we looked at the base of the cartridge.

Yuck! The primer was even sitting proud of the base by .006”.
Let’s take a look inside.

To the bullet hammer!!!

At first glance everything looked okay, but taking a closer looks at the primer, and what had happened became all to clear.
You can see that one side looked like the bottom of a primer?

You can see once the primer is out of the casing that the factory had pressed this primer in sideways. The seating action bent the side of the primer and anval flush with the base of the cartridge making it very hard to tell (at a glance) that there would be any problem at all with the cartridge.

My question to you is- have you ever had this happen to you? Have you had a friend that this happened to? Have you even heard of this? Leave a post ether way.

Like I always say be safe, and have fun!


I have shot alot of federal ammo with no problems but I will watch it closely from now on . I have had primers flip over on a Lee pro 1000 press they were fun to press back out .


Not sure I would call that a primer blowout. That’s a little different. A blowout is when you have too much pressure in the cartridge either cased by too much power, or a fast acting primer causing the powder to flash too fast creating up to 2000 additional pounds of pressure. Most of the time no big deal, unless you’re running at the limit loads. I tend to inspect my ammo because if issues like this.


So what is the proper term aside from sideways primer?


Cocked primer


Got it. I will change the title.


At any rate hopefully people will see this and double check ammo they carry before loading it into a magazine.

I’m glad it happened during target shooting.


Good report Thanks!


SiPi :laughing:

Great photos/thread


It happens…anything man makes can and will blow up at some point…I had one of the 22 TCM rifles and had a factory Armscor round blow up when I fired it…blew the primer out and blew smoke and particles out of action…luckily it did not hurt the rifle, I hand loaded for it after that and eventually sold the rifle…


I’m glad both you and the rifle where fine after that happened.


Yep, had it happen to me a couple of times…
Here’s a 5.56 from earlier this year:

Luckily I noticed it before I loaded it.

I have a good friend that is a firearms instructor for a local PD. He says it happens more often than you think. Tells all his officers to check their ammo every time they open a new box for defects like bad primers, bullet setback and plugged hollowpoints.
A good piece of advice for anyone carrying.

A lot of things go wrong in mass production. Not all of them get caught in quality control.


When I was in the service, my wife was in charge of the weapons for our district. She ran across that on occasion, and always told the guys to double check it when you draw arms and ammo.


Always a good idea to check your reloads.
Good picture too. Plugged hollow points! I never even thought of that!

I’m glad your wife reminded everyone to practice good inspection of their arms and ammunition. Thank you for your story.


Great photos! I’ve had a few boogered cases over the years, but none lately. Quality control is never 100% for any manufacturer, so it’s good practice to inspect the cartridges.

I have experienced a few flipped primers on my Dillon reloading press. It happens when the primer feed mechanism gets too dirty.


No good comes from a dirty machine!


Thought it felt a bit weird when I pressed it in. Lol


I’ve done a few of those, they don’t work so good like that.