Colt comes crawling back

Missing out on all that money I guess lol.


They’re such a has been in the AR market. I’ll bet no one really cares -I don’t.


Over priced imo


The Colt 6920 is/was the standard by which to set all others by, simply because they have/had the Technical Data Package on the M4/M16. FN now has the government contract.

The other companies reverse engineered their products to figure things out. There are some things better than mil-spec, and many things worse. Some companies don’t do good QA/QC, even the Chinese can do high quality, my IPhone was made in China. It depends on what the company is demanding and inspecting for QA/QC.

If you’re looking for a quality AR, today, with riots and the Rona running amok, while every joe, bob, and Harry that won’t shoot 500 rounds thru it in their lifetime…I wouldn’t spend less than $1k.

If you’re building it, who do you think is sourcing the parts? Are they just trying to get as many out the door as possible, or do they care about quality? Quality costs money.

Personally I wouldn’t buy a Colt today, or since they lost the Gov contract, since the words I have heard is some QA has slipped, but I can not verify that. If I was forced to choose between PSA, Anderson or Colt… Colt all day.


Colt can pound sand. Their political BS games say all you need to know about their overpriced “has been” company.


I like PSA but have limited experience. None bad though.


I love my PSA Premium upper (FN barrel, CHF, chrome-lined). I must have close to 5,000 rounds through it. Zero issues. Accuracy is comparable to my other higher-tier uppers. No complaints so far.


PSA :+1:


$600 ruger ar556. I wouldnt ever spend $1000 on an ar while ruger and s&w are making them. Unless I was looking for something very particular.


I agree. During the last several years, the sub-$1000 AR market was amazing. There was a race to the bottom on price, but also a race to the top on quality and features at the same time. I picked up a Ruger 556 MPR about two years ago for $600-ish. It has a cold hammer forged barrel, 5R rifling, Ruger Elite trigger, rifle-length gas system, etc, etc. Good luck building something similar for $600.

Unfortunately, those days are coming to an end. It was fun while it lasted, anyway. Sigh.


I really like rugers offerings. They were late to the game but they knocked it out of the park.


Haters gonna hate


I agree with all the Ruger comments. I bought an SR-556 back when Obama was running a nationwide firearms marketing campaign to help manufacturers sell guns at unusually high prices. I wanted a piston system and bought it online, sight unseen. When I picked it up at the FFL I was completely taken aback. It was the nicest AR I’d ever handled. After many years of use, the fit and finish are outstanding and it functions flawlessly.

I do regret not picking up a couple of Ruger lowers I saw for sale last year. Someone had them for around $100, which was really high at the time. Now you probably can’t even find one. :expressionless:


I have a Armalite and a Daniel defense the Armalite is just as reliable as the DD but you can feel a difference in them . The DD just feels better when it recoils and has alot better trigger.