combat pistol shooting lets de-evolve

ever wonder why you miss
and got to get me some ACP tracer


I’m cringing at the total lack of safety. Holy crap. Okay I can’t watch anymore. :grimacing:

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Thats a fantastic video, try again :+1:

really - if you think about it, They (being fathers / grandfathers / great GFs / Uncles) all understood that it was a tool that they were holding and they were the ones responsible for that tool working to it’s fullest potential. They also know and understood the consequences of what happened when that tool failed or operated correctly.
I have a vague memory of watching either that or a similar “movie” and wondering why we don’t get pistol calibre tracer, than blaming 9mm. The pistol was a military sidearm that was a just in case weapon in a time when most were revolvers, and common mindset was a empty chamber. Training involved that every firearm was loaded until you the shooter deemed it otherwise. You were taught that you pointed a loaded gun with the intent to shot, and you trusted your fellow shooters to have performed the correct make safe drills, which allowed you to be “careless” for a lack of a better word.
I was taught to shot one handed and still set the pistols the same way in my hand, and some times muscle memory causes me to teacup.
Funny there was no mention of lack of hearing protection,


Im just having a hard time accepting that shooting from the hip is not effective. I’ve watched a lot of westerns that would say otherwise. And aren’t you supposed to kind of fling the bullet out of the gun? Cuz that’s what I seen in those westerns too.

Fun fact. I took my recently acquired Uberti 1873 replica out to the desert and had to try 10 rapid fire rounds from the hip at a rather large cardboard target at about 25 yards. Narry a hole to be found.


maybe the fault laid on the target