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Will I be required to fill out a NICS form on every single round I sell? Meaning, I’ll need to scan every round in every box of ammunition in inventory? What if the initial purchaser fires the round and the brass ends up in the hands of a reloader who reuses it? How do we paper trail that? How much of the liability falls on the retailer? If a barcode round is used in a shooting and it was initially bought from me, am I liable? There is gonna have to a ton of legislation and procedures to institute this. Do you think the process will be reasonable? Or should I just abandon my gun business and go back to work for “the man?” I bet McDonald’s needs a 33 year old veteran with a bunch of gun experience. Maybe I can finally get to the bottom of that ketchup conspiracy…


Gee, thanks bullet ID guys…


I think I found out that this is a Canadian company.

No fucking thanks. This is just another way to control and regulate firearms owners. I hate this idea…if this gets put in law in the US then reloading will likely be outlawed which is a travesty…



The level of fail (starting with the name of the website where what is marked is not what it says is marked) is super high.

Will this affect costs of ammo? Absolutely.
Will this help solve crimes? No.
Will this help stop crimes? No.
Will it help criminals throw LE off by picking up brass at ranges and then tossing it at a crime scene? Yup

But anti-gun crowd is going to love it!!!


Yeah there’s no way to manage this. Just feel good points for the anti gunners.


Their million dollar idea, defeated by a revolver.

Even if they code each case in a box the same (no need to code each case differently) they would still need billions of individual maker codes each year, and since they would never know if a box of cases has been used and the code could be re-used, they would be into trillions of codes within a decade. The data base to store billions and trillions of code, with the history/owners/addresses with each code would have to be larger than visa uses. The cost of storing all that info, plus the back-up would be huge (not to mention trying to keep it from being hacked, not only would you have criminals trying to get it, you would have freedom groups and anti-government types trying to destroy it), I don’t know who-how they expect to pay for that. You could get the ammo manufacturers to buy and engraver for the one time cost, but that’s the cheap part. Not only that, but if it was hacked and personal information stolen, the class action lawsuit would be one of the largest ever (based on the number of potential victims) and the settlement would probably bankrupt an insurance company.
Nic pipedream, but they don’t seen to have any idea of the scale of their final goal.
This will only drive up the value of milsurp and foreign ammunition, increase the number of reloaders, and again, the whole system can be defeated by a revolver.


Very ironic…since most anti-gunners are only targeting semi-auto’s. LOL


Or a gangbanger with his gun in a Walmart bag… yep, seen it in an actual case on “The First 48”…funny thing is, the banger with the bag ended up getting bagged by his intended victim who lucked out with a 50 yard pistol shot to the head lol!


What revolver? :thinking:



Thanks for sharing the link with us.

Oh boy, just what we all need. Now, we will have to watch where every one of our shells ends up. Even for revolvers, we will need a safe place to deposit the spent shells, but where? The trash can won’t be safe! Reloading works for a while, till the shells can’t be reloaded anymore. Then where? Melt them down? Can’t have our spent shells used by criminals to muck up crime scenes!



JohnB, your local scrap metal recycler.



Thanks. But, wouldn’t the recycler be highly motivated ($$$) to sell some samples to their local mafia (et al)?


Great. Didnt they prove that doesnt work years ago?


never happen until we get carry able phazer weapons…



They (supposedly) exist in PDW size, now, but only for military (China supposedly has them in limited quantity).

Gee, what will the antigunners demand when we go to phazers? There won’t be any bullets or shells to go after. So, then what?


Instantly making reloads into the perfect alibi.

“It wasn’t me. It was 17 other people who showed up, shot one round each, and then fled the scene.”




It just dawned on me that if a person was reloading, wouldn’t the shells already be microstamped? Or, if the stamp is on the primer, what about rimfire guns - could you have the microstamp on the rim?

If the microstamp is on the primer for a centerfire gun, then when you reload it, you would be replacing the primer with a new one, and thus still only have 1 microstamp associated with that shell?