Comments about Commenting features


Writing here to report few missing features from the video commenting.
If I am somehow mistaken about the functionality (and these features already exists), then I apologize.

The commenting box doesn’t seem to abide by any formatting, such as line breaks, or allow any sort of emphasizing text by bolding or italicizing.

It is currently impossible to reply to a reply, which makes it hard to have an organized smalltalk about videos. Newer replies on comments also seem to jump on top so the comment-replies are disorganized.
For example, contents blurred just incase:


Hey @Sormus, you definitely bring up some legitimate points. We are currently in the midst of rolling out an entirely new commenting system that should address these concerns while keeping the wealth of user feedback and discussions already featured on the site. Our plan is to have the new commenting feature online sometime in Feb. Thanks for the patience!


Wha happened to video comments? Was that feature removed?


full30team, are the commenting features still in the works? could we at least get line breaks?