Community Channel members question


Who has signed up to use the members channel?
Are you getting comment updates?

Thank you @TheRogueBanshee & @SuppressedNation_Chris for your comments!


Cool. Since I’m more of a content consumer, how do I sign up to share a video? Can it be a really short smartphone recording (if I can figure out how to get it on my computer)?


You need an account on first


That is a different website from the one you are on now and needs a new account set up


For example I have my account here,

and a user account to surf channels on the video side

and a channel to host videos on FULL30

and now am a user on the community channel 

Those 3 use the same log-in credentials, but not the same as to log-in here on the forum


I’ll be signing up Tuesday when I get home and in front of a ‘puter.


Yes. I do understand that. I have an account with the same user name.


Wait what? 3 different accounts?


Not logical, but I think we can tweek it soon to be easier

Heres the channel surf link

and heres what the community channel looks like on it



Yep. I’m one of the subscribers :grin:


not included


Do you wish to upload videos there?