Community Channel!

We had a driving force behind this idea, thank you @mquinn55 !

And now its here!

A channel members can share, thats right, if you want to post a video but do not want a channel, simply post your interest here and one of the team will help get you started.

Don’t expect overnight, its a couple day process and requires an agreement be signed.



I will be more than happy to help anyone wishing to have their video uploaded. I’m here most of the time.


Something like this would come in handy for all the people trying to describe problems with their firearms.


This is a great idea.


I tenth this. It’s a great idea!


Hey all,
I just want to bump this topic cuz I think this is a great but under utilized feature.
The Full30 Forum Channel is available for we forum members who are not content providers to have a place to share an infrequent video ourselves.
I see this as useful for more than just a quick share of something fun ( which is fine.) But if one had a question that is better communicated with a video ( like an odd firearm malfunction or reloading question) where the answer might be gleaned from seeing the process, this is that place.
Place a question in the forum with a link to your video.

So how do we do this?
The initially suggested method is to request upload access to the Full30 Forum Channel from @full30nick via PM.

@Tactical_Reviews has also volunteered to do so on someone’s behalf but I’m more for community involvement and doing it yourself.

So let’s get this channel some use.


Any community video sent to me will be uploaded to the community channel as I have the ability to upload.