Competition shooting thread


Post up your videos and stories from USPSA, IDPA, IPSA, 2gun, 3gun, what ever the case may be. All types welcome including trap, skeet, black powder.


I wish I had some. I would love to get into some competition shooting. Hopefully, now that my daughter is old enough, I can get her to go with me. I did a bunch of turkey shoots when i was a kid. That was a lot of fun! I need to get her a shotgun and see how she does with flying things.


My son shot for the first time in a match yesterday.


“Slap it in hard!” … I tell mine “Hit it like you’re mad at it!”. Lol

He did great! Very good discipline, relaxed, in control… you did good!


He did much better on the second round.


I will be going to Canada in 2 weeks for a competition Shooting, it is a private competition so I am looking forward to going. How many has tried going into Canada with guns and Ammo ? The last time I went their
was harder to get back into USA. Border patrol wanted to argue like an idiot…


Meeting with a high power trainer this week. I am self taught so he is going to coach me on prone. Then saturday or thuresday I will shoot my first practice match at 600. Hopefully… baby steps.


Good luck, bottom line is have fun.


My match last night. I got a bad set of primers, turns out they’re magnum but labeled small pistol.


My son shooting a 9mm PCC and crushing the course. He beat me.


Had a squib. Always pay attention. If you should rack the slide and fire again the gun is likely to explode.


My son on stage two. Still getting used to the weapon. First round didn’t chamber. Once he got past that he ran good.


This is my greatest fear. I know it will happen some day… I hope I catch it in time.


The class went well (if anyone cares :slight_smile: ). I never understood natural point of aim. Much better now. My neck didnt hurt at all. Since that class I have gone to a high ppwer clinic to get a 600 meter zero at 200. I was going to wait till sunday (wind reading clinic) to try the 600… but I am going to go to the 600 practice thuresday morning before work. 8 am to noon… killer since I work 2nd shift. I can not tell if I am more excited or nervous. The plan is to show up and scream " HELP ME! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM DOING!". Ultimatly Id like to shoot F class comp. As long as my scores arent completly rubbish.


I want to start pushing my range out more. I’m getting slower as I get older. Time to switch to long range.