Complaints Against Users



I’m not going to beat around the bush here.

It’s been brought to my attention that there may be (read: are) users posting some crazy content right now.

To help me ID these users, and determine the next course of action, please refrain from posting about them on the forums; instead send me a personal email:

Briefly let me know what’s going on, who the user is, and drop a link or two to the threads in question.

Each account is going to get examined on a case by case basis. However, I need you all to help be my ears and eyes on these forums.

I appreciate all the feedback, everyone.

Thank you


Thanks for nipping this in the bud. I’ll keep my eyes open.


Many thanks, Dan.

I appreciate the help.


My pleasure. You have a great service here and I want to help out. Once I’m able to actually send out invites, I will be doing that. Got 29.9k followers on Twitter, I’m sure a few will join up here. :grin:


Most excellent.

I hope they like guns, ammo, and things that go boom. :sunglasses:


Ya, you could say that.


Thank you. FULL30 is a great alternative to the shenanigans going on with Youtube and doesn’t need the conspiracy/neo nazi holocaust denier/apologist types.


Please get rid of all the Hitler fans and the crazy political conspiracies…


Don’t we all? :smiley:


Good stuff. Thank you Tom!


We couldn’t agree more.


We’re currently developing (finishing up) our SOPs for dealing with users like this.


Thank you, Mister_Torgue.

I appreciate your help, my friend.



I’m here to serve all of you.

As a former infantry vet myself, I don’t like seeing crazy hate spewing on these forums either.


So, there will be “approved” topics and “non-approved” topics? Careful… People might mistake you for YouTube and Facebook… :slight_smile:


There will be moderation to determine what content is posted here, as this is Full30’s living room. I welcome the change - the stuff that was spewed my direction was nauseating.
Tom, I was Navy, but my stepfather was Army Air Corps in WWII, and I was given a fine look into what Nazi Germany was like, from a guy who was there. My favorite film clip is the swastika being blown off the Reichstag.


Muchos gracias :+1: It’s time to clean house already.


The way I see it, the problem with YouTube is not that they’re censoring free speech. But that they changed the rules after so long. And I doubt its because they give a shit about the content so much as getting on the PC, Anti-Gun bandwagon benefits them financially. This site is still young and the ground rules are just now getting set up.

I was (maybe still am) in favor of a Political forum and I think an ignore feature ought to be a must. As long as things remain in their correct forum (the users and moderators jobs) any one who chooses not to get involved need not look at that forum. If they do, they still have the option of ignoring those whom they wish. It’s like a being at a party. If I have nothing in common with any of the guests I probably won’t hang around. If there are just a few guests at the party I don’t want to listen to, I move to another part of the house. But everyone gets to say what they want and no one needs to be bombarded with stuff he doesn’t want to listen to.
There is also the point of political discussion vs argument. The stuff that’s getting folks all riled up here is not discussion. It’s a couple people posting links to stuff we’ve probably all seen a thousand times. Then if someone else has a different point of view it’s just a argument that get’s personal quickly. No one’s viewpoint has ever been changed in an argument.
So believe what you want. But don’t expect to change any minds with an argument.
If we do get a political forum I hope it’s 2A politics only. While on a site dedicated to firearms it may be “preaching to the choir” but still might spark civil discussion and I further hope spark some “civil” civil action.
Just my $.02.


“Censorship is censorship. There’s only one way you can look while trying to defend that.”

Do you always talk out both sides of your mouth, as the saying goes? You basically say that owners are allowed to censor certain speech on THEIR sites as they see fit yet cry censorship. So which is it?

Bottom line, when and if they add an ignore button, once you have that option you can exert is to your hearts desire on all those you find pathetic. In the meantime, the double talk coming from you is hilarious and quite ironic. I suggest that maybe you try mquinn55’s advice in the meantime and you

that you don’t find so “pathetic”. In the meantime I will gladly call out those who are truly PATHETIC nazi idealizing anti-semitic trolls as this forum has seen lately. Along with that, agreeing with those that stronger moderation (censorship as you see it) is needed to keep this site from devolving into a grotesque facsimile of Youtube where all manner of vulgarity, racism, anti-semitism and personal hatred is spewed with disgusting regularity.

Have a nice day.


Can’t stop laughing!