Conceal Carry Ranting

I see a lot of specifically female carry gear and I don’t understand it. Let’s say you were carrying in your purse…and someone steals your purse/breaks the strap/you leave it in the car/you leave it in the booth at a restaurant/you leave it in a shopping cart…you have just lost your weapon and armed someone else. I, personally, only On-Body Carry for this reason. Thoughts?


You forgot to mention the single best women’s carry holster. The Flashbang.

Oh, You’re gonna sexually assault me? Here, let me show you these, first!

Is there even an easy way to draw a gun from your :melon::melon:? I mean, seriously.


I carry in the 4:00 position on my hip. I can’t imagine trying to grab a weapon from my :melon::melon: s or any other place, actually!


I know… Lol. I bought your holster for you. You really have to learn to internet forum. :rofl:


get a room you two…



Just shoosh yourself


This went off the rails in a hurry.

All I had to do to convince my daughters and wife to not carry in their purse was show them pictures of the grand babies, what if they get in your purse for a piece of gum?


Completely agree! I only carry on body. Also at 3:00.



65% of burglaries occur between 6am and 6pm

So you picking 3:00 is PERFECT!





I carry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Finger on the trigger cuz the streets don’t sleep.



I advise to boddy carry all the time. I use this scenario… if someone is going to rob a woman… what do they go for? Her purse? Or her glasses?

Yeah… anything but the purse.
I carry personally in many spots. Shoulder holster, 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11 o’clock on my chest… in my boot… on my thigh.


At the same time?! I know people carry one or two backups, but holy cow! How do you keep your pants up?


Hahhahhahaaa yes, ALL at the same time… :rofl:
No, not really.
Where I carry all depends on the situation. If I am in sandals, shorts, and a Tee shirt… I will carry appendix or in a pocket. If it is winter, paddle holster at 3 or 4
If I am wearing a suit, usually appendix or shoulder holster.


I don’t carry a purse at all. Haven’t for 20 years. All I keep on me is my driver’s licence, so I keep that in my phone case, which is always kept in a jacket pocket or in my hand. I know the gun purses have cables in the straps so they can’t be cut off, but most purses can just be grabbed and yanked off, especially if the perp is already running, it’s most likely going with him, so I would NEVER carry in a purse. The other option would be an across the body purse, kept in front, but still, getting your firearm out of your purse can’t be all that fast. Have you seen what’s in women’s purses? They carry around an entire cosmetic line, a small pharmaceutical company, a wallet holding the of the Library of Congress in it, stationary and pens, several pairs of glasses and sunglasses, femanine hygeine products, perfume, lotion, hairbrush, tissues, phone, receipts, wet wipes, and snacks and a bottle of soda. Even if the firearm is in a seperate compartment, it will be a tight fit. Not to mention WAY too many women leave their luggage in their grocery carts while they shop, usually wide open in the front of the basket, with their backs turned on it (dummies!) I saw a video of a woman in one of those wheeled carts at the grocery store, she had her purse under her legs, but when she stood up to get something off the top shelf, another women walked up and grabbed the purse and took off. The woman in the cart never even knew.


I know my wife carries at center of back in a Chief Jason custom made leather IWB holster. She also likes the idea of the flashbang


I don’t carry a purse at all and definitely wouldn’t carry a gun anywhere but on my hip. Heck of a lot harder for someone to steal a wallet from my back pocket without me noticing.