Concealed carry for wifey


Yes they do and my wife owns both types. She wears the belly bands often. She also owns a ‘Gun Toeting Mommy’ purse too.


My wife is struggling with how to carry hers PPQ when we get it.

Might order this and see how it works for both of us. Isn’t that expensive to at least try out.


That belly band holster seems like it may work nicely.


That’s what I was thinking. Going to try it around the house maybe and see how it feels.


My EDC is a Kimber Ultra Raptor 45ACP. My wife also settled on a 1911 and now carries the Springfield EMP 9mm. She tried a .380 and a couple 9mm before finally choosing the Springfield for her EDC. That said, there’s no telling what any particular woman would prefer any more than men all have the same preferences. The far bigger problem for her is choosing a holster. Took me a few to find what I like. She has more dang holsters than shoes.


Well my Wife has carried a few pistols but she stopped searching and has found her match with the CZ P-07. I also trust that firearm my self, but like you I have a favorite that I have north of 7,000 rounds through and have carried for 15 years and trained with. It’s hard to switch horses in the middle of a race!


I have the PPS M2 and it’s $349. at Buds. Great gun and good size.


Good gun at a great price!


The PPQ is a good quality albeit jumpy gun. May I suggest you upgrade with Springco recoil management system and spring set, Streamlight TLR-3, talon grips and Meprolight Tru-Dots? Avoid the DPM recoil reduction system. It’s okay but not +P rated (and thus will not have the desired effect with Speer LE GDHPs/Federal HSTs), Springco’s is. I think you’ll do her a big favor having her PPQ tricked out like this. Blade-Tek can mold her a holster w/ Tek-Lok specific to this entire setup.

Taurus Pt 92 af issues

Carry solution for weak handed,or elderly!s$w 380 ez easy rack and controls for those with issues, a note about pickin wifeys gun! I wouldnt dare tell my wife what to like buy or do! Just a consideration.happy wife…:joy:


Knowing how to shoot well can have a tremendous influence on the choice of guns, especially handguns.
Even a little instruction from a knowledgeable instructor can have a major affect on what she will shoot well…


What you said! What you said !training! Shoot! Train! Load! Shoot train yep!:grin::grin::grin::grin:


It is a relly nice belt. My girl uses the similar system. Works good, looks good…


My southern bell came already trained & equipped with a 1911 45acp. (I try to stay on her good side)



Lucky you!


Glock 43 Is what I got my wife. She loves it…and so do I! It maintains a good size grip in a thin package. She had tried a few small 38 revolvers and she did not like it. It fits well in compression shorts for when she goes for runs.