Concealed carry for wifey

The new S&W .380 EZ is worth a look for the female shooter.


I found something else we may need to try. I sort of like what I see here for her carry and for a range hole puncher.

Anybody have one of these?

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I carry a Springfield EMP, 9mm. But I just got an M&P that I’ll be adding to my license.

Hi EQuinn:

I am a big fan of S&W’s M&P line. I have the .40 S&W, 9 mm - both full size, M&P 1.0 and 2.0.

Are you planning on carrying edc the new M&P you just got?

I used to have the M&P 9c - great gun, but I had trouble carrying it (too big for the way I carry).

I just got it, so I’ll decide after I’ve shot it a lot more. Very comfortable with the Springfield. The M&P is more compact so I’d say once I’m comfortable enough, I probably will use it for my edc. I also have a Kimber Ultra Carry 2, which I love.

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Looks like you are well armed.

Congrats. Now for all the training (we all need plenty of that and ongoing…).

I’ve trained at Front Site, plus all the CCW classes. Not to mention I’ve been shooting since I was a kid. I do pretty well when I have time to aim😉 and good enough on a draw and fire, meaning I can still hit the target.

Thanks for the info, EQuinn.

Sounds like we (at least some of us here), need to be the ones asking you the questions, then.

@Chuparosa, it shoots and handles just like a 1911 plenty tough to handle + P loads.

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That’s awesome. We need to go shoot one.

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I would like to see it in 9mm .

Oh, no. Didn’t mean to try to sound like a know it all. I still know very little compared to some. I just hold my own is all I meant.



No worries. What I meant is that we all know different things that helps make this forum beneficial to all. We share some common knowledge, but some things each of us know are not so common. Your having trained at Front Site puts you ahead of a number of us, myself included.

No one knows everything about guns and everyone knows that. I have been learning about guns for over 50 years and I still have a lot to learn.

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Know it all ? LMAO ! I know considerably less than I did at 65 !
Wife loves her P07 in ODG cause it better matches the rustic motif of the boudoir. Now she wants a 686+ to keep in the kitchen to accent her stainless appliances !

Ya just gotta love’em !