Concealed carry insurance?


Is it necessary? Is it a waste of money?
Does anybody else have a concealed carry insurance policy?
I have USCCA concealed carry insurance. It also covers you for stolen or damaged firearms!
They also have an excellent trainer affiliation program as well if you’re in the training game.


It’s only a waste of money if you don’t get caught. Kidding. I’ve pondered getting insurance, I’ve not come to a solid conclusion yet. The way the courts are, I feel you’ll have an uphill battle either way. Those selling the insurance use a little scare tactics to sell their product, trying to avoid shooting someone unless absofuckinglutly necessary, seems to be best preventive.


I’ve wondered the same with insurance on my firearms, for what they want to charge me a month for $50,000 coverage, I could replace everything inside of 3 or 4 years tops!


Unless a legal battle or law suit takes everything you own.


I went with USCCA as well. I look at it the same way I look at my carry gun. I don’t expect to use it. But if I end up in the situation where I need to use my weapon I’m dang well gonna need legal help. Even if from a criminal stand point the shoot was good and no charges filed, there will likely be a civil suite from the victim or their family. That can cost a lot even if you win. So for $30 a month it seems worth it to me.


I don’t carry any cow insurance at this time.Under Missouri’s concealed carry laws if you are involved in a justified shooting you can not be used.




I have it just like I have car insurance, you hope you never have to use it. They will drain you in a flash and then some. I pay $22. a month and added my wife for $47. for the year. It covers any type of legal weapon not just a gun. I’m good for $600,000. They pay for bail etc. Not NRA, they reimburse you after I believe.


@jonb32248 Who are you with???


Sorry I over looked that USCCA. I spent some time comparing them and it’s the one that I think is right for me and my money.


@SAK is there a set $ amount theyll cover for stolen or damaged weapons or depends on plan you picked?


I am not sure of a set amount but they say I am covered for" theft liability". I don’t know what that means but whatever. I did a google search but not a good answer.


I don’t have it because if it was a “clean” shoot you won’t need it. If you are found guilty then insurance doesn’t cover a “criminal” act. Though I have not looked into the fine print.

Lord knows some sharp prosecuting attorney may present that as premeditation as well.


I think it means you’re not liable or they’ll help cover if your weapon is stolen and used in a crime? From what I read, its not coverage for the loss of the weapon


I had’nt thought about it until now. IMO, it would be good to have for collateral damage. Flushing one of society’s turds down the toilet, clean… not so much.


I just looked over what’s covered in my USCCA policy. It’s all legal coverage. Everything from bail, criminal defense lawyer, civil defense lawy and civil suite damage coverage. And they do this up front as opposed to reimbursing you.

@Stumpkiller a clean shoot might get you out of criminal trouble but civil is a different matter. You can be sued for wrongful death or injury and even if you win that the legal fees can drain you.
This insurance covers that and any award the family may win up to some amount. That varies based on what level of insurance you by.

Guns are covered for liability if lost or stolen and used in a crime. The value of the guns in your collection are not covered.

It’s a crap shoot as to if you’ll need it or not. But that’s the same as edc anyway.


Did not even know this was a thing. Firearms are covered under my home insurance. Really not possible for the average crook to steal properly stored firearms anyways… EDC is already “might need it, but hope you don’t” insurance… this is like getting insurance for insurance…in my humble opinion :slight_smile:


Yes you are correct, they have four different levels of coverage, each providing more coverage than the next.You even get to (choose your own Law Firm/defense attorney) which is crucial!


I do not currently have carry insurance but the numbers are something to think about. Too bad the original author pulled his paper. This recent article discusses the decision and the difficulty in capturing accurate, recent data.

Kleck and Gertz (1995)…CDC’s results, then, imply that guns were used defensively by victims about 3.6 times as often as they were used offensively by criminals.


My fee is withdrawn auto. every mo. I don’t miss it. Less than a $ a day.