Concealed Carry Training


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funny I have been saying that for years about the Takicool approach to handguns and the training. I have been against the squared up Isosceles stance for defensive shooting. Works good on the range and it’s great if you are someone wearing body armour and set up for the offensive attack, but only increases your total target area. Most people setting up for a defensive draw will instinctively turn the firearm away to shield it from view (both close in and with distant targets). It make sense to protect your protection and squaring bold to a threat takes enormous amount of fortitude when in fact you want to duck behind the nearest shrub.
Only a fool will stand there to get shot - so you will either eliminate the threat with accurate fire or suppress the threat so you can get to a position of safety. And because this is all defensive actions you are retreating. And in the real world the threat will present in a direction you most likely were not expecting it.


here is a video from a “new” producer that explains my feelings on the dashing cowboy, good guy with a gun charging in to with the intent to close with the bad guy to rival Die Hard.

ultimately our responsibility is to ourselves and our family.

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