Concealment Solutions

Greetings, everyone!

While most of the topics seem to be firearms-centric, I’d like to hear what you all think about concealment furniture and the like.

I joined this site because I am tired of the YouTube 1A/2A censorship. I have a company I am starting up, and this unconstitutional activity couldn’t have come at a worse time for me. So far I have not been subject to the supreme leader’s whims, but I fear the day may be coming. In the interest of transparency, I would like to showcase my videos here, of my products and demonstrations, in hopes of generating some buzz. I am also a huge fan of shooting videos - one of my favorite channels is Hickok45. That dude must spend a grand a month in spray paint on those steel targets.

I hope I am welcome here, and I hope to become part of this community.



Welcome, Castle Tactical !

I like watching hickok45 almost daily. If your videos are like his, I would most likely like them, too.

Good luck on your start-up company.

The Ironic thing about Hickok45 is he is a school teacher. I think that pretty much sums up allowing teachers to be armed in the classroom…Dropping the microphone!!! LOL

I also can’t stand the way Youtube is blasting their libtard politics to the point of running us all out of town. I also noticed when I do watch Youtube now it freezes up so much it’s not even worth watching. I wonder if they are also somehow choking down our access to watch and stream videos like the phone companies do when they fraudulently claim unlimited “data” then choke your speed down despite your payment. WTF Gives?



I mostly don’t have any troubles with YouTube. Some other platforms, I do have troubles frequently.

Not sure why you are having troubles with YouTube, but you could be right. They could have some algorithm that slows down certain types of users or users from certain locations, or both.

Hope it clears up for you.