Concerned about Taking the "First Step"?


Shooting and firearms from the female perspective.
I’d like to offer a forum for women to be comfortable to ask questions of other female shooters. Most women don’t approach firearm use and ownership the same way as men and sometimes we need more knowledge before we begin to feel confident. I’m happy to share my knowledge and experience to help empower other women, to help them feel capable and confident with firearm use and ownership. Just click reply and and type in your question.


Thanks for getting involved, we need more ladies as gun owners. I’ve trained a lot of women and you’re correct, it’s different from men. Men tend to want bigger, louder, more powerful firearms, where women tend to prefer smaller, easier to control and use firearms. Not to mention many like them to look good, color, etc.


You’d be surprised the number of women new to shooting love a GLOCK 19. Sometimes a gun can be too small for women too. The typical little “pocket gun” painted a pretty color is the biggest mistake women can make.


I always suggest they try several guns before they buy, and not base it on looks alone. My wife has small hands and semi-autos don’t fit. She loves her 38 special. Proper grip fit to the hand is the most important thing there is. It’s like shoes. Close will work, but will never feel right.



IMO, I’ve noticed the smaller the hand, the more important proper fit becomes.


Personally I don’t see her request being any different that asking to talk about rifles only in a thread.


I’ve been shooting less than a year. My first gun was the Glock 19 gen5. I’ve tried a few others but I really like my 19. Yes I do have small hands and no I don’t want a “girly” gun. I got to shoot the Desert Eagle 50AE. That was a blast :grin: . I can’t wait to do that again.


You chose an incredible gun for your first. You will never out grow a G19 and the upgrades in the G5 can’t be touched.


How did you select this particular gun over others? Did you ask for advice, research or both?


Welcome, glad to have you participate in this forum.

The first gun I bought for myself was a Beretta Cheetah, a .380 that I really liked. Now, I like 1911 styles. I have a Kimber .45 and a Springfield EMP. I just got a M&P 9mm that I am trying to get used to.

Do you get to shoot much?


I had done some research so I knew what I wanted and didn’t want in the gun. I told the guy at the gun store what I was looking for and he took me right to the Glocks (he’s not really a Glock guy so it wasn’t biased :slight_smile: ). He started with the smaller ones and when we got the the 19 that was the one I liked. I’ve been able to try several different types since then and so far prefer the 19 and 43.


The Glock 19 and 43 are both 9mm which will give you a solid stop in a self-defense situation. I recommend the 9mm for women who have the hand strength to work the slide. Not many women are able, so you have fairly good hand strength.
So, when are you picking up a 43? You know you’re not limited to owning just one gun. The 43 is great for concealed carry, provided its legal where you are from. :grin:


The 1911 is very nice to shoot but it is expensive and heavy. Maybe some day we can afford one. We’ve been shooting for less than a year so we go at least twice a week, sometimes more. We have taken some classes and will be taking more. The employees and range officers at Triangle Shooting Academy are awesome. They have taught us so much. We want to be capable not just armed. Plus it is really fun.


Practice is not only fun, but it builds muscle memory, so when you are in a life/death situation you will know exactly what you are doing and will not hesitate. Your gun is only as effective as you are.


The 1911’s shoot really nice, the .45 has a bit more recoil than I am comfortable with, though. :sunglasses:


I actually have both now. :slight_smile: Hubby has a 19x and a Springfield XD mod 2. He like the Springfield better. It’s okay but I like my Glock. I don’t have any trouble with the slide. I do have trouble with the mag release because my hands are small. I’m trying out different techniques but haven’t settled on the best way yet.


Remember that it isn’t necessary to release the mag and hold your shooting grip at the same time. What I am saying is that the release is so far out of reach for us that we CAN rotate the grip in our hand in order to bring our thumb to the release and simply one handedly regrip the gun when we insert the new mag. Did I explain that right? I can post a pic if you want.


That is one of the ways I’ve been working on. It works well but I don’t like having to readjust my grip. I’m just going to have to get faster. No problem with the 43.


That’s awesome. I don’t get out that much. Wish I could. I need to get the practice in.